Achievement Balm

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Master of The Woods and High John The Conquerer have long been valued for their virtues in over coming adversaries. This ointment was originally crafted for a client in Africa who was looking for a leg up on his opponent’s when he played soccer.  I have personally worked with it as well in moments where I strongly needed a win. 

The Master of The Woods plant from which this ointment is created has been in my garden for 5 years now. It is one in which I have a strong relationship with and has been a very close (and valuable) ally.  If any of you have ever grown it, you will know how much of a strong, supportive, resilient spirit it is!  To me, there is certainly a Faerie energy to it, but more so, it reminds me of the steadfast, fatherly energy of The Horned One when he comes forward as protector in my most challenging moments. 

You can work with this ointment by applying it to your body, to talismans and charms, and as a candle dressing. 

1 oz tin