Sanctus Mortuum Ointment

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Sanctus Mortuum Ointment. A Henbane salve crafted to aide in the manifestations of The Holy Dead. In waking dreams,  with eyes wide open, figures creep in as the veil is parted. 

Black Henbane, Hyoscyamus Niger, can be worked with in ancestral rights and works of necromancy to aide in spirit flight, and the visceral manifestation of spirits.  It has long been associated with witches and traditional witches ointments. 

A member of the Nightshade family, it is heavily tied to any workings of the Underworld.  Henbane was said to crown the dead as they roamed the River Styx to bring them comfort through this transition. 

Unlike its other highly toxic cousins, Henbane, though still a baneful (toxic) plant, is not deadly when worked with properly, and is thought of as the gentler of the Nightshades as well as a powerful medicine. It is met in the pharmaceutical world as an aly in pain relief and a soother of nerves. 

When worked with topically, Henbane takes its effect on the human body within 1-2 hours after application (when smoked or worked with in an incense like our Samhain Incense, it’s effect are immediate).  

Also contains Rose and Balm of Gilead. 

Sanctus Mortuum Ointment is a limited offering and will be available Friday at 7pm EST and on our market table at the @salemnightfaire

Due to the nature of this offering, it will not be available in store.  Unfortunately, it is not shippable within Canada either.  Any orders containing this offering that is being shipped to a Canadian address, will be refunded.

Please. Do not ingest, and please do not work with Henbane if you are pregnant, nursing, or have heart or kidney issues, allergic to aspirin or salicylates.