The Leaper ~ Toad Magick Ointment

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Toad magick links us to the in-between; the hedge crosser and the skin leaper. It’s amphibian nature teaches us of adaptability and also the importance of concealment in our most personal workings.  Toad can be called upon in our rites of healing and maleficium, as familiar spirit to the witch, carrying the witches petitions into the Otherworld.  Toad has also been linked to initiations, influenced and carried out by the Unseen forces that guide the Witch. 

This ointment, to be crafted under the super full moon in Scorpio, will consist of Toad bone and skin ash, as well as herbal allies and Lady’s Mantel dew.  It has been instructed of me to bring this offering forward not primarily as a flying or shapeshifting ointment (though it will certain assist in such workings), but also a salve that is to be used as an anointing tool in your works of magick when the spirit of Toad would be welcomed. 

As you may have read before in a past post on my social media page, this Toad has finally come to me after nearly a year of waiting and working with my faerie familiars. The magick of this creature and the magick it offers is potent, a gift indeed, and I will be crafting only one batch of this offering.