Hedge-crossing Rosary

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The rosary has been utilized as a means of deep mediation, trance, prayer and focused intention for millennia.  

These rosaries are crafted under the energy of the full blood moon in Taurus with the intention of working with them as a aide and protector as you slip between the realms.  You can work them as prayer beads, or wear them as a talisman, calling upon the spirits of the animal allies contained within the charm to aide you in your work.

Tonight three very exclusive rosaries will be included in the Yule Update.  These rosaries are crafted under this potent full Moon energy, with the aide of fox, raccoon and crow allies. Each one a potent talisman to be worn or kept near while crossing the hedge and moving between the worlds. Each ally has its own energy to lend to the work! 

Up for grabs tonight will be one Fox and Labyrinth rosary similar to the one pictured here,  one raccoon and crow foot rosary, and one fox and crow foot  rosary. All rosaries are constructed with black onyx for shielding and protection on your travels. Each crafted intuitively and with prayer and invocation, is brought into fruition.  This is a presale as I am crafting them over the next 48 hours and will ship by next weekend.