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12 carefully handcrafted keepsake boxes dedicated to Hekate eleased tonight at 7pm EST. Contained within, is the HEKATE Ritual Oil for consecration of your tools and the feeding of your effigies, Apotropia Incense for warding and protection, CHTHONIA Spirit Oil for honouring and working with Hekate in her chthonic epitaph, and CROSSROADS Crystal Wisdom Elixir for calling upon Her aid in bringing us back to path and purpose. Also included in this box set is a medium onyx tumbled stone and a consecrated antique skeleton key talisman on a nickel free chain.  🌚🕷

I want to thank @theeyesoftheoracle for allowing me to grace the lid of this box with a piece of their artwork. Hekate has been a huge part of both of our practices, so it’s an honour to come together in this way to bring you all such a special offering devoted to Her. 

Blessed Dark Moon my loves.