Resurrection Oil

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‘From the ashes of death, through the embers of integration, we rise! Hail, High Holy Ones who summon our growth! Who pave the way with Holy Light that ushers us through darkness…”

I began crafting this new offering on the day of the sun in the hour of mars on the doorstep of the Blood moon in Scorpio and eclipse portal.  It has since then faced each life-path-alerting eclipse of the season, lightning, and came to the precipice of its fruition under the Super Moon. 

This powerful tool of reclamation is a tool of The Now.  For decades we have been moving through a slow collective death.  Only recently have we been moving through the difficult and uncomfortable spaces of rebirth, calling gentleness and ease into our awakenings, as startling and painful as they may have been. We are now being called to rise from our own ashes and reclaim our sovereign power; our interpersonal role as Creatrix, as priestesses, priests, awakened beings on this planet, as lovers of Gaia and heart centred warriors of the new earth.   This offering supports our resurrection as we take back our power. Not power over others as a form of domination, but the power that has always been within us. This offering also offers protection on our road ahead, as those who shine bright will be faced with challenge.  May this oil embodied by the blood of primal earth and cosmos ignite your fire to step fully into service and purpose and keep your feet steadily aligned with your path.