Spirit Communication Witch Bottles

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The advent of spirit 

As the light travels

The flame flickers

The chill in the air

A presence so familiar

Words of guidance 

From ancestors, loved ones

Spirit allies, a healing

As the memories remain

An offering of hope

Left amongst the altar

A conversation of signs

A portal open amongst 

The living and the unseen

Healing Spirit spell jar 

created as a means 

of communication.

A battery for the living to connect us to our loved ones who have crossed over.

Blessed spirit communication sigil created on Dec. 21st of 2020 to release the pain and fear of the past & awaken the lost connection with our loved ones and guides.Charged under the first full moon of 2021

Each bottle is filled with assorted ; herbs, oils, crystals and honey to activate this connective battery.

Sealed with the intent of remembering knowledge long lost.