The Oracle Spirit Oil

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Centred and encapsulated in liminal spaces; with eyes to see what is unseen and senses to walk between the worlds, THE ORACLE rides the current of a very magickal existence.  Forever immersed in the enraptured of Spirit. Haunted in held company with wraiths and whispering spirits. Initiated by darkness; the veils of change and rebirth. 

The Oracle Spirit Oil is a daily wear formula that encompasses sensory perceptions of the mystery that surrounds this Archetype. Notes of Balsam, Black Amber, Patchouli, Tobacco make an offering to the spirit realm as we lay this liquid upon our skin. Clary Sage keeps our visions clear and the vibrations of Cedar and Black Obsidian protect the wearer with its gift of psychic shield. 

THE ORACLE is a limited offering.