Isis Ritual Candle

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“O Isis, Beautiful in All Thy Names,
I call Thee with the breath of my body,
I call Thee with the beat of my heart,
I call Thee with the pulse of my life,
I call Thee with the words of my mouth,
I call Thee with the thoughts of my mind.
I call Thee Power and Life and Creation.
I call Thee, Isis, Isis, Isis!”

I am honoured to bring to you my newest collection of offerings. ISIS has been with me all year as this collection has been brought to fruition for you all. This ISIS Devotional candle is made of eco friendly soy blend, dusted with gold, and fixed with Lapiz and herbs of love and devotion. The sigil paper was bathed in Rose water and charged by the sun. These candles stand approximately 6 inches tall and are intended to anchor the energy of ISIS into your ritual space or altar.