• Welcome to the home of Seven Sisters Ritual Apothecary

Welcome to the home of Seven Sisters Ritual Apothecary

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There's Magick Inside.

One of my favorite shops in town. Not only is the atmosphere incredible, Mel makes the most wonderful offerings and Cassandra gives a lovely massage. A treasure in the downtown core.

Grow & Bloom Co., London

I first came across Seven Sisters through Black Veil Tattoo in Salem, MA. Leave it to one of the most magickal places in the world and witch haven to unite me with a maker that I have since  come to value more and more as time passes. Turns out- she hails from Canada (yay Canadian witches!!) like me and I was lucky enough to attend some of her workshops/ rituals in person- both in Salem and London. I am always impressed with the attention to detail, thoughtfulness, and quality of her products and offerings. From the first whiff (her items smell so damn good) I was captivated- truly unique. And you can feel the potency that lives in each vessel. Fearlessly sharing her practice with open arms. Here you find a warm welcome to put you at ease and trusting guide as we fearlessly heed the calls of spirit and shadow. 

K. Hart, Canada

I’ve never been disappointed with a single offering I’ve purchased from Mel. The same can be said for any class I’ve taken or circle I’ve attended both online and in person. Though I have not had the pleasure of visiting her shop I know without a shadow of a doubt that it will serve its community well by providing the finest magickal wares and occult finery. Whether it’s a handcrafted ritual tool, a thought out and well delivered workshop filled with gnosis or shadow work when your need it most Seven Sisters has something for everyone at any stage of their magickal practice.

J. Miller, Colorado

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