Sacred Services


Cassandra Gemmell

Certified Massage Practitioner


Deep tissue and relaxation massage services:


30 minute massage $65

60 minute massage $100

90 minute massage $150


Dynamic massage (massage + intuitive guidance+ energy healing):


60 minute $150

90 minute $200


Booking info:


Phone: 519-902-2363


50% 0ff with proof of ODSP/OW


SvS is home to several talented tarot, oracle & mediumship readers. Each reader works with their own methods and traditions to bring you a glimpse into the past, present and future in accordance to the energies and circumstances that surround you at this time. Readings can be a valuable tool to help you navigate your path and help you gain a birds eye view on your current situation.






The Eyes of the Oracle


Nyxx Noir is a 3rd Generation tarot reader. Like the cards they use, they are imbued with the 75 years of wisdom, passed down through the generation of Mysticism & magic within their bloodline


30 minute Soul Path Spirit Readings $65


1 hr Manifestation Readings - $130


90 minute Ancestral Reading - $150


1 hr Mediumship Reading - $180


1 hr Wheel of The Year Reading - $130


2 hr wheel of the year reading - $200


Shamanicl Healing Session (2hr) - $300


Monthly Mentorship $555


For more detailed information and to book, visit

Nyxx is booking in person and virtual appointments.

Click link to book

You can find them on IG @theeyesoftheoracle



Melanie 's particular blend of craft involves Traditional Witchcraft, Ancient Mysticism and Shamanism. She is initiated as both Witch and Priestess.


Sessions with Melanie consist of a one on one sacred container, held for you in our Ritual Room.


In your session together, Melanie can assist with: shadow work, integration, activations, cord cutting, healing, clearing, sacred embodiment, and helping you uncover the road that lays before you on our spiritual journey.


$155 per hour


To Book with Melanie, please fill out the intake form at

Find her on Instagram at @svensisters



Andra is a Romany-Romanian musician, artist, and vrăjitoare (witch) who practices drabaripe in the Romani tradition- the art of healing and fortune telling.


Coming from the Zlătar (gold-smithing) Romani clan, she was gifted a deck of cards by her parents at the age of 8 years old and has been reading the tarot ever since.


Andra’s practice is rooted deeply in her traditions and a close kinship to the land and liminal spaces. Her readings usually range between 45 minutes-2 hours, to allow the space for an in-depth analysis of what shows up and wants to be addressed in the reading. She specializes in tarot and tasseomancy.


Readings are offered on a sliding scale between $70-$200


To Book a reading with Andra, please visit

ANDRA is currently booking in-person and virtual readings 7 days a week.

Find her on Instagram @will.oh.the.wisp




Candice is a Shamanic Healer and Activator. She is a practitioner of Shamanic Witchcraft


Services Available:


Chakra Adjustment - 15 Minutes - $22


Activation - 30 Minutes - $55


Activation - 1 Hour - $111


Sometimes you need a second set of eyes to put the puzzle pieces together. She is truly honoured you would consider her an alley in your personal journey to help in any way that she can with deepest gratitude.


Contact information:

Insta: warrior.shaman