Tarot, Oracle & Mediumship Readings


SvS is home to several talented tarot, oracle & mediumship readers. Each reader works with their own methods and traditions to bring you a glimpse into the past, present and future in accordance to the energies and circumstances that surround you at this time. Readings can be a valuable tool to help you navigate your path and help you gain a birds eye view on your current situation.





Nyxx Noir is a 3rd Generation tarot reader. Like the cards they use imbued with the wisdom, passed down through the generation of Mysticism & magic within thier bloodline.

Originally from the Black Mountains of North Carolina, they are the medium and portal through the veil.  Welcoming the shamanic energies of their familiar spirit to help guide many people through the cycles of healing, death & rebirth.

A NATIVE/Dual spirited creature, Nyxx is a practitioner of Traditional Folk Magick and Old World Witchcraft to bring forth and empower us in our highest potential to reclaim our power.

"Birthed from the woods of justice, we fight for peace, we fight to be seen."

The Eyes of the Oracle is a cultivated expression that has been envisioned by Spirit! They are a vessel for which spirit comes through with a message for you.

A tarot session with TEOTO will dive into your many lives; uncovering your magic and how to harvest it & remember who you are. By welcoming your guides forward to give us insight into what you need to know, as well as how to navigate this earthly realm.


Nyxx is booking in person and virtual appointments.

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You can find them on IG @theeyesoftheoracle



Melanie is a practitioner of Traditional Witchcraft and a devotee to The Old Ones. She works closely with The Ancestors, and The Fae (this term encompassing their vastness of forms), paying particular attention to the Spirits of Land and Place.

She began her tarot journey as a teen with a mini Rider Waite tarot deck that immediately sparked something deep within her young subconscious mind. In dream, the multifaceted layers of the tarot are revealed to her, pointing her in new directions and deeper meanings of the cards. She works with both tarot and oracle cards and often combines the two in her readings, pulling cards in a very intuitive manner as directed by the energies present during the session.


Find her on Instagram at @svensisters



Andra Zlătar is a musician, artist, dancer, and vrăjitoare (witch) who practices drabaripe in the Romani tradition, the art of healing and fortune telling. Coming from the Zlătar (gold-pouring) Romani clan she was gifted a deck of cards by her mother at the age of 8 years old and has been reading the tarot ever since. Andra’s practice is rooted deeply in her traditions and a close kinship to the land and liminal spaces. Her readings usually range between 45 minutes to an hour, to allow the space for an in-depth analysis of what shows up and wants to be addressed in the reading. 

ANDRA is currently booking in-person and virtual readings 7 days a week.

Find her on Instagram @will.oh.the.wisp