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Cassandra Gemmell

Certified Massage Practitioner & Intuitive Energy Healer

‘Talking about art is like dancing about architecture.’ ~Martin Mull 

As is putting words to emotions, at least for me. Growing up as an only child I spent a lot of time playing and wandering alone, quietly observing the world, all that we see and feeling of it all that we don’t. I always had this sensation that I was meant for more, to help but in some fashion that was a little ‘outside the box’. Guided by my mother who was led by her heart I was gifted with the ability to see and feel others emotions, energies and what’s to come.  

I have been a caregiver to many in some form, firstly as a mother of two, and secondly spending nearly half of my life working in a retirement home providing care for seniors. I’ve always believed a hug could shift the mindset of a person, and that touch could heal. While I’ve been doing the work of a healer my entire life, I have spent the last couple of years pursuing my gifts under the light of the moon. As if examining them by a microscope for understanding and further growth of my passion.  

My self education truly began after my return to school to become a Certified Massage Practitioner and Certified Aromatherapist at Inner Insights Holistic School and Spa. Following the completion of my certification I began self study via Body Movement and Magick circles led by Body Magick and Seven Sisters.  

Through my continued learning I have incorporated my natural intuitive gifts, with my learned ability to transmute energy into my massage practise for a whole body, mind and spirit experience.

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Ïariel is a Permaculture Teacher through P.I.N.A, Certified in the Healing Arts, Honouring Elements in design + architectural colour, natural build and gardens. This healing arts creative toolbox includes: *Palmistry/Hand Analysis (Tues or Sat), *Usui Reiki Sessions with a Shamanic blend (Thurs), Reiki Level 1 + 2 Training, Feng Shui/Vastu, Spiritual Council welcoming LGBTQQIP2SAA, also a space holder for those practicing Sacred Sexuality.