Moonshine Incense

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Loose Incense from Seven Sisters Apothecary

Crafted in ritual under the Full Moon.

Honour the Mother in her full aspect.  May her Love and Light be upon you always.

**Drawing Down The Moon, Psychic Growth, Clairvoyance, Blessing of Love, Protection, and Health**

The Full Moon is a time of ritual for many.  Honouring the Mother at her fullest, we note this time in the lunar cycle as a time of completion.  Those intentions set at the New Moon, have now come to fruition. .   We give thanks by making offerings to Her and to the Spirits that aid us.  The Full Moon is also a time to harness Her great power, by drawing down the Moon.  This sacred rite has an extensive history, and is practiced by many.  It is a time when psychic and clairvoyance abilities are often at a peak, so any ritual to ask for Spirit guidance on this path will be especially useful now.  Shed light on the road to come, and what needs to be released in the upcoming waning cycle.  

Place small amounts on a charcoal disk prior to and/or during ritual or meditation.

May Her love lift you and illuminate your soul.

- Seven Sisters.

* as with any psychoactive herbs, please start off with small amounts. Everyone's tolerance is different.  DO NOT USE IF PREGNANT OR NURSING!
Contains: Willow, Sandalwood, Frankincense, Yarrow, Lotus,  Anise, Hibiscus, Chamomile, Clary Sage, Mugwort, Camphor, Blue Lotus,  full moon energy, magick

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