Lilith Ritual Box

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** PLEASE PUT IN NOTE AT CHECKOUT 18" or 30" chain**


A wooden keep sake devoted to the Goddess Lilith. In honour of her Truth. 

Each box is lined in red velvet. All devotional offerings are  laid upon a rose filled red velvet pillow.

Contained within this box:

1 Full Size Lilith Devotional Candle

1 Lilith Ritual Oil

1 Lilith's Eye Oracular Tonic

3 Lilith Devotional Incense Sticks

1 Serpentine Ointment

1 She of Serpentine Talismanic Necklace

1 Garnet


Lilith’s Eye Oracular Tonic

Lilith’s Eye is an Oracular Tonic.  Incorporating Bay Laurel and Tulsi Basil, both of these herbs offered by Lilith to aide us in deepening into the Oracular Mysteries that is Her.  We are called to work with it via a single drop under the tongue before any oracular working, or journey in which Lilith will be asked to be present.

Lilith Spirit Oil

This offering has been a long time coming. I wanted to create a Spirit Oil that carried through its ingredients some of the deeper mysteries of Lilith as well as her transformative essence.  Dragons Blood resin anchors the deep mystery flowers of Lilith, with a hint of Black Smokey Amber.

To be worn upon the body when we find ourselves in the throes of her transformative chaos; an offering to her and to ourselves to surrender and deepen into all that we are.


Lilith Devotional Incense

A devotional incense fit for a Serpentine Queen! Lilith devotional incense consists of dragons-blood (of course) Rose, Bay Laurel, as well as Lily & Lotus.  It is as unfolding and complex as Lilith herself.  I’ve been working with this incense with clients in my one on one sessions.  I find it particularly powerful while releasing and transmuting that which blocks us from stand in our power, whole and holy unto ourselves.


Lilith Devotional Candle

These 6" pillar candles are loaded with Dragons Blood, and fixed with flowers and herbs for Lilith.  Like the Lilith Oil, she once again asks you to feed this candle with your own blood before use.


Lilith Ritual Oil

Crafted in ritual in honour of Lilith. Combining the spirits of Lily and Lotus as offering to Her. Use this oil in rituals  as offering and by anointing yourself for evocation of Lilith. Also use to consecrate your tools in Her name.

Prior to first use, charge this oil by adding 1-3 drops of your own blood.

She of Serpentine Necklace

A small brass cloche dome contains a snake skin specimen with moss and garnet, each of them will be  blessed and charged.  These are batteries of transformation, and a reminder to root deeply into all that you are as an embodiment of your magick.

Serpentine Ointment

Mandragora and Serpent come together to create an ointment for ecstatic rites and sex magick. For those new to Mandragora, it’s effects are more euphoric and “giddy” than the other banes used in traditional flying ointments. It is also warming to the skin and acts as an Aphrodisiac, making it a great message aid pre ritual.