The Offering Spirit Oil

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By Seven Sisters

The SvS Signature sent that embodies the Witch and what it means to our hearts and souls to walk this crooked path. To me this path is of deep mystery. It is seductive and it is as gentle as it is cruel.

A beautiful curse.

It is the cool forest floor and the infinity of the heavens. It is the knowing and the awareness of Spirit in all things and the multilayered reality of limitless dimensional experiences. This unisex daily wear oil is a moment of gratitude that we can carve out everyday. Gratitude for this work to all that guides us and for this journey as vessel and Hollow Bone.

THE OFFERING is a daily moment we take for ourselves and for our practice. A moment of honour, reverence, and respect. It’s aroma truly unfolds as you wear it, enveloping you in black amber and spice, to earthy patchouli and dragons blood with a whisper of rose. It finishes with a soft ethereal kiss of golden amber resins. I am so very pleased and honoured to offer this practice to each and everyone of you.