Shining One~ Ritual Tea and Smoke Blend

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An ode to the Shining Ones who walked this Earth long before our hearts turned cold.  The Old Gods who came here to anchor ancient gnosis onto our planet and into us.  Though all that remains of them are standing stones and tall tales,  it is within our sacred spaces that we feel their presence.   The Tall Ones, of long white or auburn hair that meet us upon the mound, greet us warmly with open arms and with much to share.

Our plant allies are one of the many ways in which we part the veil of time and memory; of worlds between worlds and a multitude of dimensions.  Under the Full Moon we meet them, as they illuminate our path forward.

This ritual tea and smoke blend will aide in your full moon rituals as gate opener to altered minds in magickal places.  

Blend of Marshmallow, Mugwort, Blue Lotus, Jasmine and Anise, Magick

This blend contains mind altering (psychoactive) herbs. Please use responsibly.

Do not use if pregnant or nursing.

TEA: Add 1tsp to hot water . Steep for 10 mins. 

SMOKE: Roll it, or pack it. Breathe in the Magick.

8 oz glass bottle with cork.