Amethyst and Black Henbane Flower Essence

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Amethyst and Black Henbane Flower Essence

by Seven Sisters in collaboration with @aforceofnaturewitch

"Black Henbane & Amethyst are one of those couples that came to me without any effort on my part. They just belong together, for reasons I may be able to express as well as many I won’t be able to.

This essence was first created on July 2nd, 2019 during the peak of a Total Solar
Eclipse while the Moon was transiting from dark to new.

In many ways, there couldn’t have been a more perfect time to prepare this essence. To me, Henbane feels like a helping hand, gentle and strong. There she is, reaching to us as we step out of the dark moon, reaching to us while the sun is eclipsed, showing us that ‘this too shall pass’. We never have to sit in the dark longer than we want and in the moments where we feel unable to leave the darkness, she will sit with us until we are ready to stand on our own again.
Even more, once we are able to stand on our own again, she will show you that your gentleness is a strength.

Beyond her embodiment of a helping hand, Black Henbane is a spirit who knows her power. She is more forgiving than some of her sister plants but no less commanding of respect. Henbane knows death, intimately, making her even more qualified for walking with us through our own personal hell as well as journeys to the underworld. She can see us through transitions, especially those of an internal nature, and will aid us in our conversations with death, the dying and the dead. If you are uncomfortable with topics of death, darkness and the unknown, she will bring ease and grace to your experience. If you live, work or play in the
murky waters and liminal spaces, she will delight in the deliciousness and potency of the darkness with you.

Black Henbane is here for us. Of all the spirits along the poison path, Black Henbane makes a fine ally and confidante. Lastly, as with every strong relationship and bond, you will get from her what you put in, so be good to her and respect her.

Planetary Association: Saturn

Amethyst, a variety of quartz, has long been associated with tranquility, transmutation, psychic awareness and dream space. When this couple presented itself, I wondered why Amethyst and Henbane chose each other. I am beginning to realize while Henbane can walk us through the darkness, Amethyst teaches us to keep our eyes open during the journey. It is one experience to run through our trials and initiations, and a completely different experience to have the
courage to look around, to take it all in. It is this awareness that allows us to transmute our pain, fear and discomfort into growth, accomplishment and understanding.

For those choosing their journeys into the underworld, Amethyst not only serves as an aid for psychic awareness, it also brings peace of mind and keen memory.

Planetary Association: Jupiter & Mercury

When these three are paired together, they remind me of the Mother, Maiden & Crone; the student, the teacher, the master. Although each individual essence carries all these archetypes, and more, when used together they offer a full spectrum of wisdom, protection, lessons and completion. I hope you enjoy exploring the realms of wisdom carried within these essences, as much as I enjoyed facilitating their creation."

- Stephanie Athena- Marie (IG @aforceofnaturewitch)

30 ml dropper bottle

Essence Water of natural amethyst and black henbane flowers in apple brandy. 

Consciously Connect in your own way or with 3-5 drops in water