Black Tourmaline and Datura Flower Essence

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Black Tourmaline and Datura Flower Essence

by Seven Sisters in collaboration with @aforceofnaturewitch

Datura and Black Tourmaline, the teacher’s teacher, the healer’s healer, the master’s companion.

It is true that we all, at some time or another in our lives, will be in the giving position and then a position of receiving; a position of teaching and then a position of learning. Life is fluid in this way. You have strengths to share with me and I have my own strengths to share with you. This is how we grow individually and collectively. Within the position of teaching and giving, some have chosen to step forward as leaders, teachers, healers, masters and guides as part of their personal work and as a service to the collective. If you have chosen this path, you most likely know the light and the shadow aspects of the work. A wise one is often loved, trusted and respected for their wisdom and the journey they traveled to share it. A wise one can also be feared, judged and persecuted for their message. The differing response has little to do with the message and much to do with the ears on which it falls.

To be on the path of a master is to acknowledge and accept that you are first and foremost responsible for yourself and secondly, there is no map. This level of accountability and responsibility is more than many would want, or could handle. As time passes you learn to rely less on social constructs and social norms and more on your own inner compass. However, this is where many masters-to-be lose their footing. For some, the inner compass is purely focused on self with no sight of the collective or the inner compass is solely focused on the collective with no true sight of the self. To make matters even more complex and dynamic, what we understand of the collective shifts along with our understanding of the self and vice-versa. These terrains are not well traveled and it is easy for a master-to-be to give up, having no well written map or guidelines to follow. It is within this dynamic that Datura & Black Tourmaline enter to offer aid.

During the leap of consciousness required, there comes a time where you have to walk alone, even if only for a moment, to recalibrate yourself and return to source. When no one is around to validate or criticize, and it feels as if you are walking between worlds, Datura can be your guide. She can teach you how to check yourself, how to love yourself and judge yourself without emotion attached. She can teach you to observe. She can teach you what it is to step through the veil with ease, time and time again. She can connect you with your guides and teachers that exist in the next phase of consciousness. She is a mentor.

There is a certain amount of inner work that you need to have done before approaching her and that “certain amount” will vary from person to person. Datura is the all seeing eye and there is no lying in her presence. She will ignore you and elude you until you are ready to simultaneously own your power and humble yourself. Ultimately, she is teaching you to be the most authentic, ever evolving, and sovereign version of yourself possible.

Planetary Association: Jupiter

Black Tourmaline, also known as Schorl, is a force to be reckoned with. It is no wonder these two are paired together. In order to cross through liminal space and step into new realms of consciousness, the master must remain protected, grounded and connected to the physical body (that is, if your work is on the Earthly plane). If your work is outside of the physical body, black tourmaline can protect your astral body as well as your physical body during your travels.
Black tourmaline can increase intellectual acuity, emotional stability and physical vitality, making it a necessary talisman for anyone teaching or working in the energy field of others.

Planetary Association: Saturn

*This essence was infused by Solar energy as well as Lunar energy during a full moon and
carries BOTH Solar and Lunar vibration.

When these three are paired together, they remind me of the Mother, Maiden & Crone; the student, the teacher, the master. Although each individual essence carries all these archetypes, and more, when used together they offer a full spectrum of wisdom, protection, lessons and completion. I hope you enjoy exploring the realms of wisdom carried within these essences, as much as I enjoyed facilitating their creation."

- Stephanie Athena- Marie (IG @aforceofnaturewitch)

30 ml dropper bottle

Essence Water of natural black tourmaline and datura flowers in apple brandy. 

Consciously Connect in your own way or with 3-5 drops in water