Blue Vervain

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Gender: Feminine

Planet: Venus

Element: Water

Medicinal Uses: Blue Vervain, the list of conditions and uses for this herb is inexhaustible. However, it can be summed up as an herb that supports the clearing of obstructions e.g. in the kidneys, liver, gallbladder and spleen. It is said to be helpful for liver congestion and jaundice and is even reputed to break up the stone. It is a nervine that calms and relaxes tense nerves and thus alleviates a host of stress related symptoms such as mental exhaustion, migraines, depression and headaches. It is also a useful digestive system relaxant, where stress causes indigestion and cramps. It can be helpful in cases of PMT and during menopause. Externally it can be used to cleanse wounds and putrid ulcers. It is also used as a gargle and mouthwash for infections of the gum and throat. It can be used for convalescence or as a preventative tonic for numerous stress-related complaints.

Magical Uses: This wonder herb has a very versatile set of magical uses. It clears stagnant energy and can be used for cleansing and consecrating a sacred/ ritual space and to cleanse the auras of the participants. It can be used to conduct and direct magical energy and intentions and also to open the psychic channels. It aids communication with human and spiritual beings. It protects the practitioner against evil forces and manipulative entities.

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