Bone Queen Spirit Oil

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By Seven Sisters.

White Lady of Black Flame; Queen of Elphame!

Her spirit oil, by request, is "as sweet as bees". Tender to the senses with floral and noxious herbal spirits.  It's a bouquet of lightness and darkness, requesting that you honour her in all of her forms; as Queen of The Sprits of Land and Place,  and Queen of The Dead.  

Wear daily in reverence of this mighty Queen of Fae, and with the intention of gaining Her favour.

10 ml roll on with stainless steel roller ball.

Contains: Carnation Absolute, Honeysuckle, Lily of The Valley, Hemlock (spruce), Cypress, Rose, Lavender Buds, Black Storax resins.

Safe to wear, but do not ingest.

Do not use if pregnant or nursing.