Boneset Herbs

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Boneset is a perennial plant belonging to the Sunflower family and is native to the Eastern United States. It is alos refered to as White Snake Root, Agueweed, Feverweed and Sweating Plant and for its properties of warding off snakes and help to deal with fevers associated with colds, flues or other maladies. Boneset has a long history of being in medicine to help with coughs and sore throats, for fevers with aches, to bring on a sweat to cure a cold, malaria and to purge your system of toxins. This make Boneset a very powerful cleanser of negative spiritual energy and harmful magickal effects. It was placed over your door to repel spirits and remove any spirits that are attached to a person. Boneset can be carried for spiritual protection and to ward off negative intentions and workings. A very powerful Cleansing Bath can be made for ritual cleansing, to counteract any spell effects or harmful energy sent by others and to remove any jinxing illness or uncross any hex. Boneset can also be used alone as a dry rub to clean your body or space and then burned to remove the ill effects.

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