Carnelian Crystal Wisdom Elixir

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CARNELIAN CRYSTAL WISDOM ELIXIR is a bottle of pure power. Aquarian Moon waters charged with Carnelian Vibrations, Blessed by The Sun, to anchor you in your power and call upon Isis when you are in need of healing.
Carnelian, is known as The Blood of Isis ( Stone of Isis).
Many ancient healers worked with Carnelian for issues of the blood, which is where the “Blood of Isis” name originated, referring to her aspects as Great Healer. This potent ally was worn by ancient Egyptians as it provided them with the energy of vitality. It is also said according to the Egyptian Book of The Dead, that Carnelian was placed in the tombs to protect the dead as a “magick armour” in life after death.

This stone anchors the upper chakras to the lower chakras promoting emotional balance and aids with temper and anger issues. Along the same lines as a ward against bad emotional juju, it is said to protect against black magick.

Carnelian activates the lower chakras and is a wonderful ally when working through fertility issues and womb healing. It helps one to understand their self worth, power and potency. It promotes confidence. It’s grounding energy helps one feel stable amongst chaos.