Elphame Incense

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An Ode to the People Below The Mound

Faerie folk who wander

Beneath the earthen planes

Faerie Folk, skyward

Amidst the sabbath flames.

Faerie folk befriend us 

As brotherin and dear.

Our work is one of honesty, reverence and The Seer.

An earthy sweet blend of herbal allies to call forward the Pale in reverence and honour.  Herbs bathed in liquor, fed with flame and prayer. Resins of sweet honey to feed those of the Elphame realm. 

Primrose, Hawthorn, Elder, Wormwood, Honeysuckle, Heather, Honey resin, Sandalwood, Yarrow, Angelica, Dittany, Liquor Spirits, Magick.

Burn outdoors in your rituals or on its own as payment and offering.