Emerald Crystal Wisdom Elixir

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EMERALD ELIXIR is for heart activation, unity, compassion, patience and grounding of our emotions.

CRYSTAL WISDOM ELIXIR are crafted with the intention of building a relationship with the energies of the crystal spirits.  Through the consumption of these magick infused elixirs, we welcome in the teachings and support that these ancient spirits have to offer.

 There are currently 11 elixirs in various stages of brewing that make up the starting point for what will grow to be an expansive line of tools to elevate our relationships with these energies.  These elixirs are crafted with freshly fallen snow around the time of the solstice. These waters held the physical crystals within them and were charged  under the moon and or sun for their desired length of time. Some, like Emerald here, also spend time within the earth, in the cavern at the base of my giving tree. These super charged waters were then distilled, whispered to, prayed to, listened to, and fed with high quality liquor before they were packaged and made ready to come home to you!