Hathor ~ Het-Heru ~ Oil of Initiation

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The temple of Dendera holds such deep gnosis that still to this day we are learning more more of the secrets that it keeps.  This temple, built by the Romans and Greeks some 2000 yeas ago,  is “newly built” in terms of ancient Egyptian structures, but it stands on the site of 4 temples that were originally built during the 4th dynasty. 

The temple itself vibrates at the frequency of heart. It’s corridor lined with the 4 way facing Hathor, attunes you to this frequency and through the pathways of the celestial bodies, as you enter it.  Beneath this incredible temple, there are subterranean crypts that likely housed the initiatory rites of the priestesses and priests of Hathor.

It is this sacred process, of being ritually prepared to walk deep below the earths surface into Her sacred temples, meeting The Lady of Stars yourself through Her ecstatic rites, and being reborn into the light as you ascend from her sacred ceremonies, that this Oil of Initiation has come forth.

This oil, can spark within you ancient remembering of your origins, as it has in me.   It can bring to your awareness your true form as Star Being here on this Earth, if you open your heart to this work and Her calling.  This is just a taste of the remembering that potentially awaits you.   Working with this oil has opened a new understanding of how to attune myself to Hathor WITHIN myself.  Rooting myself in Her wisdom as been an experience of true INNERSTANDING of who I am and what I am here to do.   Your experience will be different, as all of our paths are unique to us, but I can promise you that MUCH awaits you if Hathor is calling to you.

You are invited to adorn your body with a few drops of this oil, and walk this path working, through the portal of your heart, into the Temple of Dendera, and into these deep caverns of initiation.  Dance to her sacred sistrum.  Allow this opening of Pleiadian frequencies to awaken within you what has long been dormant and forgotten. 

Contains: Blue Lotus Absolute, deeply steeped resins of frankincense and myrrh, Egyptian Rose Oil, Frequency, Incantations, Magick.

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(Please Note: This oil is highly ecstatic in its effect.  Please keep this oil sacred and work with it responsibly.  Do not drive while under its influence.)