Hathor~ Het-Heru Spirit Oil

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The Rose and the Mysteries that it initiates have been at the Centre of my unfolding with the goddess Hathor.  I wanted her spirit oil to carry the essence of this unfolding as its many layers reveal themselves.  Rose is a family name in which I carry forward through my lineage in this life time. It’s pattern the celestial map of Venus’s transitions between evening and morning star as it moves through our own energetic body.   As a goddess of love, joy, beauty and fertility, I very much resonate with her as a Venusian Queen.   

This offering is to be worn in honour of Hathor and to welcome the unfolding within yourself of her Rose Lineage and celestial mysteries. The aroma of Egyptian Rose is anchored with Myrrh and balanced with Sandalwood and a touch of Ylang Ylang.    It is a bouquet fit for a Queen!   

Like the rest of this collection, this offering is limited.