Isis Spirit Oil

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Over the past ten years, I have come to understand how much the rose is a reflection of the Divine Feminine in so many of her forms. Complex and many layered, is She. ISIS is certainly among them. She of 10, 000 Names, as she comes in many forms. Mother, Lover, and Alchemist; Guardian of the gates to the Underworld. She entered my practice some 9 years ago, as Mother, and is present now as She Who Parts the Veil between time and mystery. It is she who is draped in the cloth of forbidden knowledge, a mantle that no man (human) may lift. She is as diverse as she is a powerful force, and I am humbled to expand my offerings to her under this Aquarian Full Moon.

ISIS SPIRIT OIL is a daily wear aroma of the The Great Goddess drenched in the powers of the Sun. A fragrance of the most brilliant golden frequency. Egyptian Rose dances seamlessly with the sweetest citrus, and is blessed with the smoulder of Holy Wood. A truly uplifting gift to the senses. Wear this Spirit Oil to honour Isis and call her immense strength into your life; embowering you to walk your truth.