Lilith Devotion Candle

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LILITH ~ Devotional Candle

By Seven Sisters Ritual Apothecary

Lilith came through to me at a time in my life where I really needed to take back my power as a women.  She who is of Serpentine, the  snake who taunted Eve in the garden of Eden perhaps, doing her best to bestow upon Eve the gift of knowledge. It was Lilith after all who defied the laws of Adam.  Demonized of course through out the ages by the patriarchy; baby eater, succubi, mother of demons.  None of this is how she has come through for me, mind you.  As part of the Grigori and the originator of the Witch Blood, along with Lucifer, it was said she was sent to earth to bring gifts of knowledge to humanity, hers being that of the Womens Mysteries.  The blood that we shed with the moon is her offering.  Like a stern mother, her lessons can be hard, but the empowerment that follows is unsurmountable.  

Lilith is not JUST a women’s deity.  Lilith has also become a patron to the Queer community’, gender fluid and trans individuals,  as She is one who demands that you remember the magick that you are and reclaim your sexuality for all that its worth.    Lilith is not shy, and she teaches us to stand firmly in our truth and power.

These 6" pillar candles are loaded with Dragonsblood, and fixed with flowers and herbs for Lilith.  Like the Lilith Oil, she once again asks you to feed this candle with your own blood before use.