Mullein Loose Herb

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Mullein (Verbascum thapus)

Gender: Feminine 

Planet: Saturn 

Element: Fire

Deity: Jupiter, Hekate

Magickal Purpose: Strength, Courage, Protection, Love, Divination, Health

Medicinal Purpose: Mullein is a powerful lung healer and immune supporter. 

The dried leaves were traditionally used as a tea supporting pulmonary and respiratory function. The seeds and flowers in both fresh and dry form have been infused in warm oil for external preparations. The fluid extract was included in numerous versions of the National Formulary of the American Pharmaceutical Association dating back to the 1906 Third Edition. The German Commission E sanctioned the use of the flowers for "Catarrhs of the respiratory tract" when used in a tea or extracted preparation. More research is needed to determine the exact activity of this plant and it's preparations.

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