Sanctus Mortuum Altar Oil

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SANCTUS MORTUUM Altar Oil.  Truthfully, this was one of the very first offerings that I ever made and sold over on my Etsy some 7 years ago. It came in a little corked vial that got very messy. (I still have a tiny vial of that original batch on my altar and I use it all the time!) I’m so happy to finally bring it forth for you all in it’s  mature form. 

 This oil is one that is very dear to me and how I work with my ancestors.   Contained within this bottle is food for the dead.  I had tried to resurrect this offering a few years back with another maker but for reasons that do not need to be displayed here, the energy of the finished product fell very flat. However discouraging that experience was, my spirits however assure me that this is an important offering to bring forth, in the right time and with the right energy and intentions. 

 I work with this oil to feed my spirits by anointing tools, talismans, spell work and candles. This recipe not only calls them forward to bare witness to your work, but also is an offering of nourishment to the dearly departed. Along with oils, elixirs and sacred foods,  each glass vessel also contains 3 Henbane seeds to not only complete the numerology of this recipe but also to aid in the manifestation of spirits during your rites. 

Please. Do not ingest, and please do not work with Henbane if you are pregnant, nursing, or have heart or kidney issues, allergic to aspirin or salicylates. 

 This is currently a limited offering.