Sixth Chakra Oil

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A Seven Sisters O.G., releases tonight remixed and remastered.

This oil is one of @theeyesoftheoracle ‘s favourite to work with before they go into readings.  A potent blend of the oils of Mugwort and mint, home- grown our garden. Mugwort aids in visions and a deep state of meditation, opening our psychic pathways.  Mint is cooling to the skin and aids in a focused activation of the pineal gland when applied to the skin ( Mint also calls benevolent spirits to your side !) I’ve added the relaxing and third-eye-opening ally Blue Lotus to the mix because I find it pairs so beautifully with Mugwort, amplifying the effects of the two in a gentle yet very powerful way.  

To use, roll onto your third eye before any divination working, or meditation.