The Chrysalis Elixir

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It is with the deepest gratitude to the spirits who guide me that I offer to you all what is one of the most important and useful offerings that have ever gone forth from SvS. 
We all know how to get into the work. For years now we have all been diving in deeper and deeper, with countless tools, rituals and rites. No matter where we are on our path, the act of getting into the magickal  mindset is often top priority when we think about magickal undertakings. But what about after? What cradles us in our fragility after we ritualistically tear or cut  away our outworn pieces? Who comforts us, body mind and spirit when we feel so brand new?  This phase of rebirth isn’t always easy, and I find the deeper I go, the more gentleness that I need to call in in these after spaces. This space, this delicate rebirth is the CHRYSALIS. We are all experiencing this on some level right now within our microcosm. We are also experiencing this within the macrocosm as we birth the new earth together. 
CHRYSALIS ELIXIR calls upon our allies of this earth and the Aether’s to aid is in our fragility.  Rose, a protector of the heart and mind, reminding us  that we are loved and we ARE LOVE in ALL stages of growth. Hawthorn first the healing of ones heart; the holes and tears caused by the cutting the cords amongst the shadows, soothes over with compassion. Learning to trust ourselves. Nettle you nourish the body; offering purification and tranquility to the blood. Passion Flower to calm the mind and bring comfort to our emotions. Elderberry to call forward our ancestors and remind us of the support of all of those who walked before us. The strength of your soul lineage. Motherwort for courage and to invoke the LION-heart within as we BECOME. ♥️🖤 This magick is taken orally, alone or in your favourite tea when you need support. ♥️🖤 
30ml amber glass dropper bottle