The Crow - Shapeshifter Ointment

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On black wings we fly.
With eyes of night, we see the light.
With this delicate beak, does Crow speak.
May its wisdom and blessings be upon us.

The art and practice of Shapeshifting.  Shapeshifters are those who carry strong animal medicine.  So strong in fact that that animal is a part of them.  There are several degrees of shapeshifting from astral shifting to a physical, paranormal transformation.  This ointment has been made manifest with the intention of aiding the practitioner in astral shapeshifting, which is achieved in a very deep meditative state, and deep trance.

This ointment contains Crow skull bone powder and Crow feather ash.  We call upon Crow with great honour and respect to guide us through our psyche.  Crow is a symbol of magick, and has the ability to see past, present and future.  It is the keeper of the secrets of life.  Crow asks us to know ourselves beyond the limitations of our perspective of reality.

To use: Prior to meditation, anoint pulse points, back of neck, and under arms and soles of feet.

Contains: Wormwood, Yarrow, Crow bone ash, Crow feather ash, olive oil, beeswax, magick

Please so not use if pregnant or nursing. Do not ingest.

1 oz tin