The Master Devotional Candle

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THE MASTER  Devotional Candle

By Seven Sisters


We Call to You Father

Master, Horned One, Great Stag

He of earthly abundance and love

Seed Sower, grain reborn, 

Horned One COME!

Bright Star, Dark Death

Lord of The Winds, Lord of The Dance, 

Sun Child, Winter Born King

Hanged One

Untamed, Untamed!

Stag Stallion,  

Goat and Bull

Sailor of The Last Sea, 

Guardian of The Gate

Lord of two-lands, 

Ever dying Ever living, RADIANCE!

Bucca, Bucca, Bucca!


This Candle, an ode to the Old One; The silent underwriter of the crooked path in which we walk.  Do not doubt that He is there, for He is in all things of land and sky. His voice is in the wind, his scent is of the deep earth; the primal blood of the living and the decay of the dead.  A candle for The Master in all of his guises. The great Initiator of Witches and the Father of our Craft.

6” deep green pillar candle, adorned with the Sigil to call Him forward in your circle of Arte.  Each candle is loaded with Frankincense liquid resin, black storax, Oak moss, leather and more.