The Old One Ritual Oil

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A devoted Ode to The Old One. Through liquid prayers and sanctity, do our hearts arise. The scent of fresh earthen pine dissolved in the mosses of forest floors. A call unto the Wild that is He. Through the atonement of our souls breath and the oils of this witch-craft, we bellow out into the darkness and call Him forward. Oh Horned One, Great Stag, Stallion, Goat and Bull! King of The Wild Hunt, Lord of The Faerie. Your presence is as old as time, your magick rooted deep within the secrets of the earth. It is with great reverence that this oil is brought to fruition.  Incorporate into your rituals through the blessing of your tools, your idols and anoint by yourself within your containers of Arte.  Feel the cold breathe of His presence as he enters your sacred circles.